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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I would like to INTRODUCE you to YOU GO GO GIRL... it is a place where Women can encourage one another. They have been busy, busy making new T-shirts. Cheryl May is the founder of this group and has been working and serving deligently to get the word out about their new SHIRTS. Please go to their Facebook page YGGG ( you go go girl) and click LIKE and follow along. You might want to grab up one of the Christmas Shirts. Below are a few more announcements from Cheryl herself.

New shirts coming out soon...1st of the year!

The Christmas shirt is our 7th design! :)

We love to DESIGN and GIVE!

I am taking orders for ALL COLORS AND STYLES in the silicone watches made famous by Sandra Bullock and featured by Oprah.

They will be up and posted tomorrow on the YGGG FB page.

$15-22. The Charity of Choice for the watches is "The Christmas Village" (which is a home that takes young girls in that choose to have their babies but have no family support...wonderful, wonderful charity!!!) $1.00 of EVERY watch will be donated to The Christmas Village!!


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