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Friday, November 5, 2010

Time to Write again.......

Funny how we allow the world to intercept our lives. Sorta like in a football game. You really don't see it coming. Someone or something just sorta sneaks up beside you and "grabs" your stuff right out of your hand. I started this Blog months ago and several of you caught on pretty quick and then I just disappeared. Got too busy doing life and doing things that did not matter. Well it wasn't that they didn't matter it was I allowed them to become more important than the things that really matter. Yeah, I know that was probably not proper English.(ha) anwyway... I'm speaking out today ...I'm coming back . This little "BLOG" is my little way of giving back.... Possibly giving you some "food for thought", some encouragement for Life and lead you step by step to "THE ONLY ONE" who can change your life. Let me introduce you to my friend "JESUS"... He is doing a great work in me and well hey... any of you who know me know that he definately had some work to do.. Please join me as we journey together. OH... it's 4am. That's when I get my best work done.  Love to all....

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